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Jeanne Kaplan’s “Nebraska” Is Brutal, but David Turns It Around

In response to Jeanne Kaplan’s 1193‑word review of Nebraska on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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Wow. The latest tag-team effort of Jeanne and David Kaplan, “Nebraska,” is truly a tale of two reviews. If one is not completely turned off by annoying first half, there is a solid piece of work to be found in the second. One can appreciate a difference of opinions, but what makes the review so incredibly different is the tone and objective quality of the two critics.

Jeanne Kaplan opens up Nebraska with an endearing tone, but once again becomes quite whiny and annoying. The critic has fallen into the trap of believing that a film can’t be good with only bleak characters, or at least that’s how she comes across. The tone and forceful opinion is far from what one would expect from a movie critic, and more along the lines of one who only enjoys happy duckies and bunnies films that don’t make one think too much.

Kaplan seems to believe that she is a great comedy mind, and rather than conveying her distaste with the humor, she feels the need to state that the characters are “definitely NOT amusing.” June Squibb’s character is noted as being “a complete bitch,” which might possibly be the point.

If one is mentally strong enough to get through the absolutely unlikable first half of Nebraska, David Kaplan offers a more reasonable approach. The critique is actually quite good, which comes as a surprise given the vague content of some of his past work. DK breaks down  the importance of Will Forte’s character, which is a huge bonus, and also reflects on the comedic aspect of the film. It’s a well-constructed review that shows objectives and dedication to the craft. The duo might be better off with David’s critique at the top in an effort to not make reader  run away in horror.

Nebraska is quite offensive in the first half, but fortunately becomes quite good.    

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