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William Bibbiani Burrows With Bundles of Bunnies in “More Hypocrisy”

In response to William Bibbiani’s 1051‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on CraveOnline

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William Bibbiani is characteristically long-winded and full of levity in “Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—Katniss is back in a sequel with better action but a lot more hypocrisy,” a piece that Bibbiani devotees will love and newcomers may avoid.

More Hypocrisy finds Bibbiani tucked into a rabbit’s hole and in want of carrots, an evasive maneuver: it seems the critic is concerned that readers may take umbrage with his lack of background knowledge of his review’s object. It’s a funny scene for sure, absurd and lighthearted, but there’s enough verisimilitude here for some audiences to be convinced that he may truly be tucked in with bundles of bunnies.

When the critic gets down to criticizing, the levity doesn’t go away, but the pacing of the work suffers against the strength of the opening act. His analysis tends toward conjecture, but the author’s voice is so pervasive in his work that it may well be a rhetorical move rather than one of carelessness.

Yet More Hypocrisy suffers most is in its handling of plot elements. These portions of the piece (while they continue to maintain Bibbiani’s jocularity) simply drag, without any of the pop or flare  of the opening sequence.

Overall, Bibbiani’s work works—but it may take readers some skimming and skipping to the parts that they enjoy. fortunately for audiences, there are plenty of them. One imagines that if the fine reviewmaker could rein himself in just a tad, he’d be cranking out masterpieces with thrilling consistency.    

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