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Chris Bumbray’s “Review: Out of the Furnace” Is Actor-Centric

In response to Chris Bumbray’s 598‑word review of Out of the Furnace on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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Chris Bumbray’s “Review: Out of the Furnace”  is a well-written piece that doesn’t delve too deeply into the story choosing instead to focus narrowly on the actors.

Bumbray’s writing here is top notch. There is an elegance to the simplicity, and the writer does not stray into overly complicated territory. In doing so he has crafted a piece that fans with vocabularies of all shape and sizes can enjoy. And with his authoritative tone he actually gives the audience a sense of “this guy know what he is talking about” throughout his impressive write-up.

Much of the critic’s talking points revolve around the performances of the actors. The story is  important in setting up the review but afterward it is a mix of awe and reverence over the actors’ portrayals. And to add more fuel to the fire the word Oscar is thrown around quite a bit, adding gravity to the praise heaped onto the bleak film.

The spoilers are few (if any) and far between. Rather, the main spectacle here seems to be what goes on between characters as opposed to how the film progresses. So go ahead and read without fear of reprisal from an overshare happy critic.

Not much else can be said,  “Out of the Furnace” is a positively celestial read despite its infernal namesake.    

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