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Dave Weigel’s Overlong “Thor: Crocodile Dundee II” Comes Up Short

In response to David Weigel’s 1095‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Slate

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David Weigel is primarily a political reporter. His recent review “Thor: The Dark World: The Crocodile Dundee II of superhero films—in a good way!” is indeed a report—a very long one—but unfortunately it’s neither politic nor discerning.

Thor: Crocodile Dundee II is hopelessly scatterbrained, thanks in no small part to its excessive (and maladroit) 1100-word readtime, a condition that has beleaguered many reviews. However readers will sense that it’s not a diet but a center of gravity that Weigel’s work needs. It says so much, but concludes so little.

Yet Weigel’s piece does have its moments. The opening, overlong as the rest of the piece, nevertheless demonstrates a keen handling of the material the author is aboute to delve into.  Thor: Crocodile Dundee II also has a fine sense of humor about it, crepuscular rays peeking through a cloud of disconcert.

Problems arise when Weigel bites off more than he can chew, ultimately revealing plot details best left unsaid and launching into a a diatribe about what the journalist-cum-critic deems the “random power level.” It’s not that the analysis isn’t worthwhile; it’s simply a bad fit, and seems to contradict much of what Thor: Crocodile Dundee II has already established.

A non-sequitur but pithy conclusion doesn’t come close to redeeming the work, which was off the rails paragraphs ago. Weigel shows promise, but this review doesn’t fulfill it.    

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