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Drew McWeeny’s Take on “Gravity” Fumbles Technically

In response to Drew McWeeny’s 789‑word review of Gravity on HitFix

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Drew McWeeny’s “Review: Sandra Bullock is amazing in Alfonso Cuaron’s dazzling ‘Gravity’” isn’t so much a bad review as one that falls prey to technical issues and unfortunately isn’t able to recover.

Dazzling Gravity has a lot to offer: a charming tone that audiences will appreciate, an objective analysis of some of the elements of storytelling, and an author that is unafraid to reveal himself in his work. It’s personal—audiences will relate.

The fact that it may be a bit too personal, too self-referential, might be gripe-worthy in another instance, but McWeeny and audience are in tune; most will appreciate those moments where he shines through in his work.

Unfortunately technical missteps derail his review.

As a rule, reviews have a responsibility to provide an entertainment experience that allows for the suspension of disbelief, and every instance that draws attention away from the experience deserves scrutiny.

An editorial team must have been ill the day this hit the scene, because clunky diction, overlong sentences, gross comma misuse, and the graceless misunderstanding of how hyphens interact with adverbs mar the piece. It takes McWeeny’s earnestness down a notch and makes Dazzling Gravity seem uninspired.

Furthermore, pop-ups when hovering over any bit of navigation, social shares, or other reviews distract constantly. Advertisements clutter the viewing area. Some of them are even audibly intrusive. It’s enough to constitute a major problem for many readers.

It’s sad to see such promise go to waste. But it does.    

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