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Kimberley Jones’s “Dark World” Is Cutesy Critique

In response to Kimberley Jones’s 536‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Austin Chronicle

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The latest dainty work of Kimberley Jones, “Thor: The Dark World,” is a fun read, but one will question when the critic will deliver some hard-hitting critique rather than dishing up one-liners and mandatory mentions.

Dark World is better than average, and Jones does a fantastic job of entertaining the reader, but how much fluff can one take?

The opening paragraph of Dark World is a nice start, and Jones makes an interesting statement on the  point of paying the extra three dollars for 3D. One may adjust their reading specs and feel that they have come across a real brain-piercer of a review. Unfortunately, the work goes downhill for two long paragraphs.

Kimberley Jones relies on brief cutesy statements such as “Sad Thor” to move Dark World along without having to try too hard. Yes, it’s an effective way of communicating to the audience if one is reading E! News, but not necessarily good for a film critique. It’s a unique style but the emphasis on style over substance may cause some readers to become “sad reader” or even “angry reader.”

Jones concludes Dark World with an excellent paragraph, and it’s a reminder of how one should close with tight and crisp writing rather than using it only in the body of the review.

Dark World is frustrating because Jones shows so much potential. She doesn’t seem to know if she wants to be the cutesy critic or a critic with command of the written word.    

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