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Pais’ “The World’s End’ Review: Let’s Do This One More Time” Is the Feel-Good Review of the Season

In response to Matt Pais’s 352‑word review of The World's End on RedEye,0,3771242.column

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Matt Pais’ “The World’s End’ review: Let’s do this one more time” is the feel-good review of the season. Pais’ lighthearted tone and respect for his readers goes a long way. There’s a sense of familiarity to his writing, as though he and the readers are good friends catching up.

The format of this particular review is a two-parter. The video review doesn’t address the film in question right away so readers may find themselves losing interest. Luckily when Pais does address The World’s End he speaks clearly, without any tangents. There is a certain aspect of humor that Pais demonstrates that is not in your face but is instead quite subtle.

The written part of this review is where readers can rejoice. Pais hooks the readers with his opening sequence and makes sure to keep the readers’ attention as best as he can.

There is a depth that Pais reaches without going too far into detail. Again, there is a subtle humor demonstrated as Pais reaches out to his audience.

This review is sure to bring a smile to its readers and is a must-read, and a why-not watch, for its concise and non-revealing nature.     

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