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Jordan Hoffman’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” Is a Decadent Good Time

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 787‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on ScreenCrush

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Jordan Hoffman hits the jackpot with his insightful, funny and outlandish ““The Wolf of Wall Street’ Review.” With prose that shoots off the page, he has created a work of film critique that makes it points with clarity and humor while even poking fun at his audience. You won’t mind; his work here is that good.

Hoffman gets his audience excited right off the bat by comparing the success of this film with one of the director’s other, iconic movies. He goes on to point out the behavior displayed in this film is appalling but he isn’t ashamed to admit that, at least in the safety of a dark theater, it’s also fun. As the critic puts it, “Theaters should be handing out bottle of Purel with the tickets.” But, as he also points out, the film’s screenplay “isn’t  just shocking—it is hilarious.”

Hoffman keeps that same shocking yet funny tone himself throughout this piece. Few critics are as adept as he is here at offering the audience such a good time while giving them a light slap on the hand for doing so.

Finally, underneath it all is the warning that Hoffman derives from the film and explains so well here—it just might too easy to condemn these characters because it might be too easy to become one yourself.

Yes, there is a sobering lesson to be found in this lively piece. Even if you’re having such a grand old, decadent good time learning it.     

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