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Scott Weinberg Is a Contractor of Criticism in “Better Than”

In response to Scott Weinberg’s 770‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on GeekNation

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Scott Weinberg brings the heat to the written word in the unique “Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is Bigger and Better Than the Original.” The critic falls into the “bigger and better” trap, which is used by the majority of critics, however the read is entertaining and useful.

The visuals of Better Than are striking, and help the reader become one with the review. The piercing gaze of Katniss will surely please the greatest franchise nerds, and the likable tone of Weinberg improves the experience.

Better Than is much better than the lazy review which merely describes the plot and calls it a day. Weinberg communicates the essentials of making a successful sequel, and explains why the central plot transcends the hero and love themes by offering a bit more for one to grasp on to. Weinberg’s review is a blueprint for the middle film, and one can almost hear the contractor of criticism shout out “This is how you make a sequel!”

Character and director analysis is not prominently featured in Better Than, but Weinberg proves that one doesn’t need to rely on Katniss and technicalities to bring the house down. The work is a broad critique, and explores how the film fits within the genre. Weinberg never bores, and stays true to the concept of film criticism.

Better Than is a quality crafting that is sets itself apart with original thought. The refusal to be just another formulaic review is touching.    

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