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Boo Allen’s “Not So Hot” Isn’t Interested in High-Falutin’ Film Analyis

In response to Boo Allen’s 322‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Denton Record Chronicle (TX)

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Boo Allen doesn’t go for any high-falutin’ film analysis in “Not so hot. Relentless cliches throw water on ‘Out of the Furnace. ‘” This is a dark piece that will leave you more uneasy than satisfied.

It’s not so much because of the subject he’s talking about, which is, admittedly, dark. He just knows what he thinks and he’s gonna tell you. You can agree or disagree (or decide to see the film or not see the film), but he doesn’t seem to be open to further discussion.

Not that he suggests the audience would be wrong to disagree with him. It’s more like if you asked him why he thinks what he does, his response is, “Cuz.”

Okay, maybe he does point out one or two things. He does accuse the director of using “faux-Quarantino methodology” that produces “prolonged bouts of tedium and talkiness punctuated by cruel acts of violence.” The use of “faux” suggests, of course, that the director is mimicking Tarantino while not doing it as well. But really that’s about it. It’s possible that this critic brings in a few of his own preconceptions about a film dealing with “bleak and nihilistic” themes that influence his opinion. But even that’s hard to tell. Allen is not about the why. As far as this review goes, it’s the  way it is, and that’s it.

Perhaps a review that said, “Didn’t like it. Next!” would have been a better use of space. Since that’s about all Not so hot seems to want to say, perhaps you should skip the 322 words he uses to express it and move on to something more insightful.    

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