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By My Troth, Brian Viner’s “… ‘Romeo + Juliet’” Is a Simplistic Review

In response to Brian Viner’s 108‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Daily Mail [UK]

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Brian Viner’s “Fellowes on form for ‘Romeo + Juliet: ‘The most tragic tale imaginable” is a review with positive vibes that doesn’t provide content, analysis, or supporting opinion evidence. Viner doesn’t even bother to explain to the reader why he believes Romeo and Juliet is “the most tragic tale imaginable,” which immediately succeeds in ostracizing the reader from his point of view.

The sumptuous pictures and trailer from the film attempt to help Viner’s review writing cause, but certainly not enough to engage the reader. With little references to anything except director Julian Fellowes’ adequate script-writing and the actor’s appearances, reading audiences may wonder if The most tragic tale imaginable is a review—or just an old-fashioned blurb about appearances and verbally irrelevant charades that haphazardly give nods toward things like guileless gnomes,

Viner’s hopelessly simple writing style make the review completely unable to stand.   He fails to deliver anything by way of solid criticism, and if the review fails to attract a new audience, previous readers’ may find their faith in humanity restored.

On the whole, the most tragic tale imaginable doesn’t belong in the good movie review category because it doesn’t provide valuable content information about Romeo and Juliet to mainstream or discerning readers.    

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