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Lisa Kennedy Changes the Game With Nerd Q & a in “Nerd Journey”

In response to Lisa Kennedy’s 1136‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Denver Post

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Today is a special day. Lisa Kennedy has brought something fresh and new to the world of Hobbit critiques. Prepare yourself for an epic nerd Q & A in “A reviewer and a nerd journey to Middle-earth for Hobbit sequel.” The biggest LOTR nerds will truly have a spectacular experience by dressing up in full Hobbit regalia for the reading.

Before Nerd Journey even begins, one may need to wipe the drool from their mouth caused by Kennedy’s amazing collection of images. The critic appears to understand the power of such visuals, and sets the mood before introducing fellow staff writer and Hobbit nerd John Wenzel.

Nerd Journey is not your typical review. Kennedy’s decision to embrace the legion of nerds allows one to gain an insider’s perspective while still enjoying the mind-stimulating prose of Ms. Kennedy. The discussion has a nice flow, and Wenzel’s insight on the nerd particulars may throw connoisseurs off their game. “You HAVE to read this,” says Snobby McSnobberson to his closest friends as he trembles from the new and exciting form of critique.

John Wenzel is at his best in Nerd Journey when he notes that the addition of new character “Tauriel gives the movie an emotional core and breaks up all the beard stroking.” Kennedy asks all the right questions, and gently tosses her tennis ball of critique against Wenzel’s Wall of Hobbits and lets the answers go where they may.

Nerd Journey is essential reading and Lisa Kennedy might just get a free trip to New Zealand.    

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