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Bill Goodykoontz’s “‘Romeo and Juliet,’ 4 Stars” Is a Mystery

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 468‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Arizona Republic

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Bill Goodykoontz’s “Romeo and Juliet,’ 4 stars” tries to reach above the noise. Literally. The review is a vehicle for a trailer assault on the ears, so it comes as little shock that Goodykoontz’s opening line is itself an attempt to assert dominance from the scream of a pop up.

The result? Anger heaped on anger and cynicism and sarcasm, a black cauldron of aggression so thick it’s hard to tell when  Goodykoontz is being serious, sarcastic, or just plain upset.

If not for the four stars Goodykoontz gives, the review might sting of irony. But in fact, it’s exuberance and interest in this remake of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

What’s hilarious is Goodykoontz assumes, quite rightly, that the plot is well known. Then, he hits the repeat button about how the plot is well established. Surely, he must be heading somewhere else other than a plot chat.

But no! It’s a swerve! Instead, the plot of the story everyone should know is then told. Then, as if to prove he knows the play, Goodykoontz adds some quotations, out of context, as if this were a collection of one-liners from Arnold Schwarzenegger that were either awful or so awful they were funny.

Reviews that leave the how and why of the author reaching their conclusion a mystery are strange fare, especially over a classic being updated. Goodykoontz certainly sings his own tune. One can’t help but wonder if he hears what’s on the page.    

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