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Rene Rodriguez Is the Wolf of Collins Ave in “Wall Street”

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 799‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Miami Herald

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Rene Rodriguez may not always write the most poetic reviews; his metaphors and imagery may not always be the most striking; and his critiques may not always be the deepest critical offerings out there, but no one quite puts all these elements together in such a pleasurable way quite like he does.  

Embodying that Miami spirit, Rodriguez takes a laid back approach to his review, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and that mellow tone is transportive; before you know it, you are carried along a gentle stream of easygoing prose whose simplicity belies a great depth of understanding. Only after it’s over and you’ve had time to reflect do you understand the journey Rodriguez has taken you on.  

It’s a dichotomy: this critic takes his time—there’s nothing hurried about any of it and he’s obviously spent time in profound thought before a single finger makes contact with the keyboard. And yet, the review flies by like few others do. Often, critics achieve this flow through humor, but Rodriguez’s humor is much too understated for that.  

No, his is achieved through sheer mastery of his craft—he just know what readers need and he gives it to them without fuss.     

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