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CJ Johnson Offers Nothing Original in “Full of Weight”

In response to CJ Johnson’s 404‑word review of Gravity on ABC Radio (Australia)

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CJ Johnson covers the basics in his latest review, “Gravity: Full of Weight”, and offers the same Kubrick-Cameron references that can be found anywhere.

The opening of Full of Weight immediately breaks out the Stanley Kubrick reference in a throwaway introduction. There is no “wow” factor, and Johnson shifts the focus of his review away from the film and onto an essentially unrelated personage (as great as they may be.) Some will appreciate the effort, but a more concrete statement would have been beneficial.

Full of Weight is so thin that it could float away into space. One will walk away with a recollection of nifty references, but not much else. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there is complete lack of George Clooney in the review. Johnson continues on in the recent tradition of failing to understand the needs of the audience, and that one demands Clooney information.  

Johnson teases the reader by briefly touching on the performance of Sandra Bullock, but says little about the film itself. Instead, the critic offers even more references, and one will wonder if the critic is trying to fill up space.

Full of Weight initially appears to be the little engine that could, but quickly fizzles out in the end when the critic states “cinema is my thing.”   

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