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Jim Schembri Is Perfectly Irreverent in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Jim Schembri’s 482‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on 3AW

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There’s nothing more fun in the world of criticism than seeing a film get cut down to size (especially big ones) by a master of snark. If you’re from that same school of thought, Jim Schembri’s “THOR: THE DARK WORLD *** (112 minutes) M,” is right up your alley.

Schembri slouches and winks the whole way through and that sarcastic slacker mentality makes for one fun read. Impertinence coursing through his veins, Schembri goes to work on the God of Thunder’s attempt to “prevent the Universe from becoming an unhappy place with poor lighting.” Hilarity ensues as the film’s unoriginality is called into question as well as the directing, which lacks horses (don’t ask).

It’s not a perfect review by any means. The loose, jokey tone sometimes gets in the way of real critique and Schembri relies on it a bit too much. In so doing, he misses a few prime opportunities for criticism and thus fails the reader.

The writing is good enough to keep everything humming and there are no major grammatical mistakes (and just one typo), but the prose, which is always in service to the tone, isn’t particularly breathtaking either.

If you like a little snark in your reviews, this one is worth a read.    

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