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David Medsker’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’” Has Some Great Moments

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David Medsker’s “Movie Review ‘Thor: The Dark World’” is a great piece of writing that delivers insight and entertainment. It contains enough intellectualism and creativity to satisfy the most discerning of reading audiences, a feat he pulls-off with only a few minor hang-ups here and there.

Medsker offers a very precise plot summary that includes an exceptional amount of thematic exploration, character explanation, critical reasoning, and cinematic detail. He employs humor in ideal places, and he consistently conveys insight and articulate impressions in such a way that truly engages the reader. Overall, Medsker succeeds in creating a piece of movie review art.

On the other hand, there are a couple of moments when he spoon feeds the reading audience, which reveals a lack of writing confidence that, due to his perceptive abilities and writing skills, is both unbecoming and unnecessary. At times, Medsker also becomes rather tenuous with his opinion, and he gets ahead of his own writing voice at least once, which suggests the piece could have used a bit more editing. Yet, with a little more experiential learning, prowess, and tweaking of voice, Medsker will be a movie reviewer to be reckoned with.

For example, Medsker provides a thorough yet slightly ambiguous review of Thor: The Dark World that could use more power of brevity. Had he applied this adage, The Dark World would be an amazing, riveting review, but as it stands, the reader’s engagement and emotional investment waxes and wanes with Medsker’s wavering confidence as a movie review writer.

Medsker has writing power, Medsker questions power, mortal reader perceives writing power anyway, mortal reader’s mind engages in movie review. Boom, done. In fact, Medsker ends with an outstanding display of contextual insight and background information about the film, proving that old adage: all’s well that ends well.    

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