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Jim Judy’s “ESCAPE PLAN” Is Meandering, Repetitive, and Overlong

In response to Jim Judy’s 1208‑word review of Escape Plan on Screen It!

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There is very little joy to be had in Jim Judy’s “ESCAPE PLAN.” There is very little to make up for the lack of joy either. It’s not a heartbreaking lament, it’s not a searing accusation, it’s not an eviscerating takedown, it just is. It’s the most “meh” way to say “meh” that may have ever been written.

The organization of the piece is part of the problem. Its three ever-lengthening sections tend to tread the same ground and remind readers how far they still have to go. What’s worse is that they create a certain expectation in the audience that fails to be satisfied.

The third section, “Our take,” begins with a whole lot of backstory. Though it might be the most enjoyable portion of the review (some of the examples that get worked into the narrative are deliciously awful) it feels completely out of place. It’s where the review should begin, not where it should just be getting to halfway through.

The pacing makes for a tedious slog. The division leads to a revisiting of several thoughts (watch out for Houdini who keeps popping up) making the monster of a piece feel longer than it really is and just as redundant as it really is.    

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