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Matthew Toomey’s “Thor” Is Puny and Powerless

In response to Matthew Toomey’s 555‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on ABC Radio Brisbane

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Matthew Toomey’s “Review: Thor: The Dark World” limps onto the page with a whimper, and doesn’t do much to flex the little literary muscle it has.

The writing feels weak and perfunctory and Toomey doesn’t even try to liven up the proceedings with a witty turn of phrase or even a creatively constructed sentence. It’s as if he whipped this up in a few spare minutes with little regard to quality or adherence to any artistic ideals.  

Boring declarative sentence follows boring declarative sentence until even 555 words feels long and rambling.  

The critique is cursory at best and lazy at worst. Toomey feels the film is “worth a look for its comedic moments,” but says the leads “can’t quite generate the same laughs despite obvious attempts.” That’s about all readers are offered.

It’s not that Toomey doesn’t have the ability to break down a film intelligently and then communicate his thoughts creatively (or at least clearly and concisely). He’s certainly got the chops for it. So the only conclusion is that this is the result of pure laziness on the critic’s part.

Unforgivable apathy and comatose writing keep this one from reaching the heavens (or even rescue it from hell).    

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