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Claudia Puig “‘Prisoners’ Is Arresting But” Is Simple Synopsis

In response to Claudia Puig’s 559‑word review of Prisoners on USA Today

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Claudia Puig “‘Prisoners’ is arresting but disturbing” provides a tidy rundown of the film’s synopsis and hesitantly engages one of its primary themes. Puig maintains her opinion throughout the review that Prisoners is worth watching, and the reader can do a happy dance that she presents her opinion clearly, with near flawless writing style.

Unfortunately, what Puig offers as review perfection is basically passionless and quite lacking in the criticism and depth department, which gets a little boring for the reader who is curious about the deeper aspects of the film.

With the skill of a zoned-out stenographer, she provides essential plot information and a transparent character breakdown, but the review is definitely more synopsis than anything else.

Puig also breaks paragraphs like a bona-fide sheet-slitter. While she certainly doesn’t linger on any aspect of the film, her twice clearly expressed idea about the moral ambiguity of the film feels spot-on.

With no plot-spoilers, no grammar mistakes, and virtually zero negative analysis, this review doesn’t raise any red flags or burning questions.

The presentation of the review is also quite clean, with few page distractions. With a little more vim and vigor, this review could have been great, but for now, Puig’s review on Prisoners is simply a straight-forward, unhampered synopsis.     

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