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Geoff Pevere’s “Best Sequels” Talks Big but Can’t Back It Up

In response to Geoff Pevere’s 857‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Globe and Mail

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In the latest piece by Geoff Pevere, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire may be one of the best sequels of all time,” he makes a huge statement (see title) but fails horribly to produce sufficient backup. One can certainly appreciate the opinion that the sequel is quite good, but a critic must be prepared to go the distance when making such claims.

One may expect to find a healthy amount of commentary on the direction in Best Sequels, but Pevere only briefly mentions Francis Lawrence early on and lets the reader know that the film “marks the arrival of a filmmaker we’ll be watching closely in the future.” It’s quite frustrating to read about the enormity early on, and then be slapped across the face with such a vague statement.

The remainder of Best Sequels consists of three massive paragraphs of plot summary and then three paragraphs of average critique. Pevere hints at the hopelessness of the Snow regime, but doesn’t expand to drive home the points.

Pevere’s biggest argument appears to be structured around the popcorn entertainment value of the film. However, after briefly noting the entertainment aspect, he transitions quickly to address how the film fails to show how Panem residents are processing what is taking place on their televisions sets.

Best Sequels closes out with beautiful prose on the power of J-Law and her “marble-goddess face”, but Pevere offers little about her actual performance in the film and absolutely nothing on the supporting cast.

Geoff Pevere makes a huge statement at the beginning of Best Sequels, but only manages to convey that the film is a lot of fun and Jennifer Lawrence is sexy.    

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