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Thelma Adams Goes Full-Dern in “Pick: Nebraska”

In response to Thelma Adams’s 460‑word review of Nebraska on Yahoo! Movies

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Thelma Adams goes full-Dern in the sweet and tender “Critic’s Pick: Nebraska.” If one is searching for a review devoted to the elderly actor then look no further, because this critic has you taken care of.

Adams hypes up Bruce Dern in the opening paragraph of Pick: Nebraska, and never strays from her argument. She offers rich historical knowledge that dates back to a legendary director, and some confused readers may be led to Google “Who is Elia Kazan?” The critic also tosses in a little Oscar bait, which will cause many to become excited about a possible Dern-Redford weekend viewing combo.

The writing of Adams in Pick: Nebraska is noteworthy, and she offers a vast array of words for one look up in the dictionary. The critic tries too hard to impress at times, but one can’t blame her for offering a little razzle dazzle.

Adams is quite vague when not writing about Dern. Several Midwest cliches are used to convey the setting, but the critic never looks beyond the basics to serve up a piercing review. It’s a win-lose for the reader, however Adams should still be proud of her devotion to Dern.

Pick: Nebraska is an enjoyable read, but Adams doesn’t work hard enough to break down the actual film.    

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