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Jason Zingale’s “Movie Review…” Will Please All Levels of Sci-Fi Fanatic

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Fans of the Sci-Fi genre will appreciate the insight of Jason Zingale’s latest work “Movie Review: Ender’s Game.” The critic is respectful of his audience, and carefully delivers a performance that will satisfy the average reader.

The introductory paragraph of Review: Ender’s is complete with backstory and references. Zingale preps the reader with context, and proceeds to produce a clear thesis statement for review. “The Zin Master” is calm and collected,  which will help the reader achieve the right state of mind leading up to the fascinating climax.

The plot summary of Review: Ender’s is helpful, and Zingale doesn’t try to be funny with zingers. The tone of the review is pure academia, and one will be reminded of rich mahogany.

Review: Ender’s examines the lead performance of Asa Butterfield with brief but effective wording. The details of Zingale have a way of connecting one to the reading experience, and the prose is somewhat hypnotic.

Zingale closes out Review: Ender’s with class as the critic explores the importance of the film’s themes, and what one can gain from the experience. The critic has the writing acumen of a crafty veteran, and the entire work shows that Zingale understands his audience—even the nerdiest of Sci-Fi nerds.

Review: Ender’s could be improved with more commentary, but Zingale has created art that is worthwhile and lasting.    

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