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Jason Best’s “Review: Kick-Ass 2” Is a Dream to Read

In response to Jason Best’s 302‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Movie Talk

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From its bright pink on black background title in all caps to the high quality movie trailer at the end, Jason Best gives all of his best in “Review: Kick-Ass 2.” Readers should be prepared to witness what dream reviews are truly made of.

If this review were a cup full of words, Best barely spills a proverbial drop. There are clever hints but none that qualify as a spoiler. The lasting thought is spoiler-esque in nature but again—Best refuses to go into detail and thus saves the integrity of this review.

Best shows that he knows best when it comes to the length of Review. His words float weightlessly along the river of substantially well-rounded and polished thoughts that shine throughout the read. The readers will also be treated to a photo that could very well be representative of the relationship between Best and his audience. Readers can decide which character represents them and which represents their critic.

This review is a like a siren’s song to the eyes of the readers, if eyes had ears, calling out to be read. And the readers would be hard-pressed to ignore the bright colors contrasting against the darkness. The best way to read this review is to sit back and enjoy the ride.    

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