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Sheila O’Malley’s “Prisoners” Is a Stern, Steady-Handed Rebuke

In response to Sheila O'Malley’s 885‑word review of Prisoners on

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Any critic writing a review for had better come correct, because as far as film criticism goes there could not possibly be bigger shoes to fill. Luckily, Sheila O’Malley is more than up to the task with “Prisoners,” her review of the movie by the same name. “Prisoners” is dense without being overstuffed, tough without being angry, and most importantly, it is skillfully written.

As far as the layout is concerned, “Prisoners” is quite pleasing on the eye. It has a soothing color scheme with cool blues that (unintentionally) match the subject matter perfectly.

There is supplemental information available with a mere click, and yet the links to that material are not in the least bit intrusive. The text of the review is front and center, and the reader is not subjected to any unwelcome disruptions while reading it.

With that being the case, O’Malley’s prose is given the opportunity to shine, and shine it does. At 885 words, it is lengthy without being bloated. O’Malley has enough space to really explore the movie, and does not waste that space by simply recapping without accompanying analysis.

Living up to the Roger Ebert brand is no easy task, but Sheila O’Malley proves with “Prisoners” that she is more than capable of doing so. It is an effective, well-written review worthy of Ebert’s name.    

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