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Devin Faraci’s Passion Makes Up for His Prose in “THOR”

In response to Devin Faraci’s 1197‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Badass Digest

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Can Devin Faraci be forgiven his shortcomings by the sheer force of his passion for film? That’s the question on the table in “THOR: THE DARK WORLD Movie Review: A Cosmic, Fun, Too Fast Sequel.”

He’s intensely fervent when it comes to film, that much is made clear by not only the healthy length of his reviews but also his dogged determination to answer every comment on his page with counterarguments, lively discussion or just plain facts. Faraci is having fun here and it shows.

Unfortunately, Faraci’s skills as a writer aren’t commiserate with his enthusiasm. It’s competent enough; he doesn’t make any blatant grammatical errors, the prose is not inept and his arguments are clearly presented (three things that can’t be said about many critics), but it lacks that extra something to put it over the top.

It sounds like Faraci has unbridled freedom here and he’s the best kind of fan boy; one who can actually argue a point and back it up with sound argument, so it’d be great to see him liven things up a bit (and not just with the cursing) by channeling a little Hunter S. Thompson or simply letting more humor creep in.

If you’re a fan boy (or appreciate impassioned reviews), this one is worth a read.    

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