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Glenn Lovell’s “Gravity” Describes Much of Film, but Quite Well

In response to Glenn Lovell’s 494‑word review of Gravity on CinemaDope

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The review by Glenn Lovell entitled “Gravity” is a review worth half the read. The opening few paragraph of Lovell’s Gravity is summary. But not summary as a whole, just a recap in specific detail of the opening scene of the film.

This, for some, could work as an effective tool to grip audience members into reading the rest of the review. In this situation however, it seems to ruin the first real pow of the film as the entire opening scene has been spoiled.

The words used to describe the opening sequence are vibrant and utterly colorful, showing how despite the ruined aspect of the first portion of the film, Lovell can write memorably and well.

This makes up slightly for the lack of effort placed in the design of Lovell’s Gravity. The website is ridiculously plain with little to no content included in the rest of the site. The color pallet used is limited and the site looks like every read is the first time the page has ever seen traffic.

The second half of Lovell’s Gravity is the pay off. The opinion and actual review included within this second portion is worth the read. The structure is dependable and Lovell includes valuable perspective on the film as a whole.

To reduce completely spoiling the first scene, skip to the second half of this review.    

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