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Kerry Lengel’s “‘Ender’s Game,’ 3 Stars” Is a Peculiar Product

In response to Kerry Lengel’s 580‑word review of Ender’s Game on Arizona Republic

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Kerry Lengel offers suggestions in his latest piece, “Ender’s Game, 3 stars,” but the argument displays a troubling lack of critique that could have improved the argument.

Game,’ Stars opens with Lengel’s one true sentence on montage. It’s an intriguing point but the critic spends little time reflecting about it. By the middle of the introduction Lengel references the lack of “character development, dramatic tension and emotional resonance” of the film. One may chuckle as the critic’s concerns can be applied to his own review.

Lengel informs the reader of the film in Game,’ Stars, but analysis is not high on the check list. Characters? Lengel says nothing about the acting of Asa Butterfield while Harrison Ford is “gruff“—which has become the go-to word for critics. Oscar nominees Viola Davis and Hailee Steinfeld aren’t mentioned at all.

Dramatic tension? For review purposes, Lengel does little to make the reader want to continue on. The screenshot is of Viola Davis, whom the critic fails to address, making the image selection an odd choice. The writing is nothing to get excited about, and one learns more about the plot than what the critic thinks.

Game,’ Stars could have been much better if Lengel would have devoted more time to critique, rather than throwing the idea of montage out there and not expanding on it for his audience. One may find pleasure with the review as is, but the work lacks depth overall.
Game,’ Stars has solid structure, but the analysis was blasted off somewhere into space.    

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