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Brookfield’s “I Give It a Year Review” Is a Real Showstopper

In response to Simon Brookfield’s 784‑word review of I Give It a Year on We Got This Covered

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Can it be so? An actual review whose opening sequence dazzles, the meaty middle satisfies and the ending ties everything up in a precise little bundle of review joy?? Yes, yes it is so. And we can thank Simon Brookfield for writing “I Give It A Year Review” a reading pleasure for all ages.

Brookfield has an undeniable way with words—it reads in an almost soothing tone. It’s a calm, even-toned (yet direct) prose that makes perfect logical sense from beginning to end. Readers will be entranced while their eyes pass from one word to the next.

What is Brookfield’s secret? Perhaps it’s the fact that he doesn’t treat this review as a way to “baby” his readers. He doesn’t feel the need to reveal any crucial spoilers just to make a point.

He doesn’t whine about the past of the director or of its actors. No, he is focused on this one film and the work that was done on it; he reviews this movie on its own merit—and that in itself is a great feat for any review to achieve. Brookfield’s writing style is the star of this review and it has positioned him to become one of the great lights of our generation.    

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