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Drew McWeeny’s “Lawrence Digs” Is a Middle Movie Love Letter

In response to Drew McWeeny’s 2762‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on HitFix

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Drew McWeeny has found “The Zone.” Vision. Focus. Typing. The critic is simply magical in his fantastic voyage of words “Review: Jennifer Lawrence digs in as Catching Fire ups the stakes for Katniss Everdeen.” Brew up some coffee, find a comfy spot in your recliner and feel the McWeeny Fire.

Lawrence digs is almost three-thousand words, and the experience is moving. It’s a modern love-letter to the middle movie, and a late paragraph of “I love” statements is sure to be all the talk in the world of film criticism. McWeeny strips down everything, and allows his inner thoughts to find their way to the keyboard. It’s an honest and dedicated effort, and such commitment is worthy of the slow clap.

McWeeny’s argument in Lawrence digs is tactical and crisp. He drives home the point about how director Francis Lawrence makes a better film than the original, which may cause a change in heartbeat for Hunger Games devotees worldwide. The critic makes remarkable observations with deep prose about the adult nature of the film, and how characters deal with the anxieties of what they have gone through. McWeeny also makes it clear that the film is no teenybopper love story—it’s a grown up world where love cuts like a knife and wounds must simply heal with time.

The character analysis of Lawrence digs is unbelievably outstanding. McWeeny refuses to do the obligatory roll-call, but provides rich sentences with deeply personal thoughts about the actors and the importance of their roles. The writing on J-Law communicates why her character stands apart from others in the genre, and the entire section on the performances is amazing.

Drew McWeeny’s Lawrence digs is true film criticism from beginning to end. It’s a wonderful experience, and allows one to understand the significance of the franchise.    

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