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Rafer Guzman’s “Thor” Almost Reaches Must Read Status

In response to Rafer Guzman’s 362‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Newsday

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Rafer Guzman gives his opinion on the latest marvel offering in “‘Thor, The Dark World’ review: Try smiling, big guy,” and it’s a great outing. Sadly though, it doesn’t do much to separate itself from the ever burgeoning crowd of reviews for the man with the giant hammer.

To be fair, it’s got to be a challenge to find new angles and new ways to critique a big, loud, “portentous” summer blockbuster that’s been analyzed to death already. How much more can possibly be said about it?

The answer is: a little more than Guzman has said here.

It’s not that Try Smiling is bad; it’s capably written, brainy, funny in places, and blessedly free from needless plot rehash. It just doesn’t do enough to reach that top tier where the true greats craft sparkling diamonds from rough coal.

Guzman opens cleverly, calling Thor the “walking embodiment of Wagner’s ‘Ring’ cycle remixed with Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir. ‘” Guzman keeps the snarky tone throughout which makes for a pleasant, fun read.

There is some mild spoiling at the end of the review where Guzman reveals tidbits about the climax and that may annoy some of the more fanatical fans.

If you’ve read the absolute best already, this one should be next on your list.    

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