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Mike McGranaghan Changes the Game With Fresh View in “The Counselor”

In response to Mike McGranaghan’s 673‑word review of The Counselor on Aisle Seat

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Mike McGranaghan is a thinking man and shouts from the top of a mountain in the thought-provoking “The Counselor.” The viewpoint of the critic is definitely in the minority, however he backs up his argument with an observant eye and nifty keystroke.

McGranaghan’s opening sentence in The Counselor is saucy and shocking. The critic knows that one can’t go wrong with Penelope Cruz, and slowly uses a scene of cunnilingus to build to a heavy statement in which he argues the film is a dark comedy and “may be regarded as a modern classic” as time passes. The statement is bold and the reader will surely tremble with anticipation.

McGranaghan’s The Counselor is not a thorough examination of the film, but McGranaghan makes it work by connecting all the dots. The argument is quite compelling, and the critic may be ahead of his time. The outlandish characters and dialogue seem to convey something more according to McGranaghan, and the detailing of the lead’s disastrous decisions help make his case.

Although McGranaghan writes an excellent review with The Counselor, one may argue that he doesn’t convey enough about the plot and characters to drive his point home. The work is solid as is, but the critic could have written an epic review with just a few more paragraphs. Overall, the work has some serious legs and the conclusion will leave some frozen in their chairs, stunned by the new perspective offered to them.

McGranaghan’s The Counselor is essential reading, and Mike McGranaghan should Tweet his article with vigor.    

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