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Chris Bumbray’s “Review: Ender’s Game” Delivers Big Thrills

In response to Chris Bumbray’s 218‑word review of Ender’s Game on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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If you don’t normally trust individuals dressed as livestock, you probably won’t be expecting much out of Chris Bumbray’s “Review: Ender’s Game.” Don’t let your biases get in your way though, you’ll walk away from this review pleasantly surprised.

After a brief synopsis of the plot, Bumbray launches straight into eloquent critique, weaving a tapestry of character and story in conjunction with the creative minds at work behind them. Meshing these three elements into one seamless analysis can spiral out of control in unskilled hands, yet Review: Ender’s handles the wheel masterfully.

It’s a positive review, no doubt. However, Bumbray is able to analyze shortcomings with a delicate and maternal touch, such as his issues with the technology displayed on screen and how it does not seem to be from the far flung future. He wonderfully diffuses the issue with well placed humor, comparing this futuristic war game to an iPad app. Anyone who remembers the year Blade Runner was supposed to take place will crack a smile.

Though the seven out of ten score seems a bit on th e low end for what is a pretty glowing review, the read itself is a blessed experience. This is classic review writing.


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