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God Shows Up in Eric Henderson’s “Gravity” Review, Inspiration Doesn’t

In response to Eric Henderson’s 857‑word review of Gravity on Slant Magazine

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Eric Henderson’s “Gravity” review falters under an excess readtime and an analysis that thrills itself with descriptions straight from an exhaustive thesaurus.

Gravity is concerned with God—where He shows up, where He doesn‘t, and and the chasm that seems to exist between deity and humanity. Huge questions are asked and ultimately answered. By the time they are, however, audiences will have phoned it in.

Executing on such an ambitious premise is a Herculean task, but Henderson doesn’t rise to the lofty challenge he set up for himself. Instead, Gravity finds itself foundering in the mire of alliterative excess. It’s pretty, but it’s ineffective.

Brindled as it is with subtle references to the God question, the analysis here intends to dig deep, but audiences are likely to find themselves stuck.  Gravity forgets its responsibility to entertain, a grave misstep that makes the prodigious effort feel uninspired.

One wishes that such a compelling premise weren’t offered from the outset. It’s profoundly disappointing to approach a work with such high hopes and find them dashed. With a bit more flair, this work would warrant repeat readings.  As it is, Gravity hardly warrants one.

Readers that care will rush to their dictionaries, but most won’t want to make the effort. They should not be blamed.    

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