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“Unintentional Metaphor” by Eric Kohn Is Visionary and Timely

In response to Eric Kohn’s 1154‑word review of Ender’s Game on indieWIRE

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Eric Kohn has created an original, mind-stimulating piece of art with his glorious “How Ender’s Game Is An Unintentional Metaphor For the Edward Snowden Affair.”

Unintentional Metaphor is an example of progressive thinking, and Kohn shows great care for his audience by noting the spoiler reveals at the onset of his socially-conscious composition. The header image is a fantastic welcome, and the reader will kick back in the chair, ready to be rocked by knowledge.

The content of Unintentional Metaphor is not that of your standard review, so one can forgive Kohn for not addressing all aspects of the film. However, the review/corollary is dynamite on its own, although one will need to have seen the film to thoroughly enjoy the comparisons with the Edward Snowden affair.

Kohn does a great job of building off his argument, which is stated in the dazzling opening paragraphs.  Unintentional Metaphor addresses the setting, rebellion and angst of the film while making direct references to Snowden. The work is extremely well written, and the paragraphs are lengthy intellectual treats that one can enjoy at any time.

Eric Kohn’s vision takes Unintentional Metaphor to the next level, and proves that the critic is a key figure in this brave new world of film criticism.    

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