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Mike Scott Sneakily Glides Over Character Analysis in “NOLA”

In response to Mike Scott’s 833‑word review of Escape Plan on Times-Picayune

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Mike Scott is always consistent with his work, however one may notice a startling absence in his latest work—character analysis! The latest from the critic, “Escape Plan movie review: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger star in NOLA-shot thriller,” is a fine review, but says little about the leads.

NOLA opens up by noting the two lead actors, and also squeezes in a curious nod to “A Beautiful Mind.” One may believe that Scott will deliver knowledge on the performances of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but there is almost no analysis to be found. However, Scott writes an impressive review on the film as a whole in spite of this.

Mike Scott will please the general reader with his fair and thoughtful approach. The critic is never too snarky, and refuses to rant on about the the ages and history of the lead actors. Instead, he exudes pure professionalism and critiques the film like a pro.

NOLA‘s plot summary isn’t particularly exciting as Scott doesn’t inject any excitement to the words, however it still reads smooth and builds up to a comprehensive take on the plot. The critic notes questionable devices used by the director, but recognizes the general idea of the film and reflects on why the audience will have a good time.

NOLA is solid, but Scott could take his game to the next level by offering a bit more on the performances.    

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