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Joe Morgenstern’s “Ender’s Game” Is a Cold Plate of Half-Eaten Critique

In response to Joe Morgenstern’s 345‑word review of Ender’s Game on Wall Street Journal

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Joe Morgenstern offers the reader a cold plate of half-eaten critique in the forgettable “Ender’s Game.” One will learn that the critic didn’t enjoy the film, which is apparently grounds to serve up a mediocre review.

The writing of Morgenstern is solid, and the effort is there—it’s just not a very good final product. The critic condemns the film but only provides thinly-veiled critique as backup. The critic does more complaining and describing rather than providing a thorough critique.

Morgenstern’s Ender’s Game is also lacking in character analysis, and Morgenstern simply glides over the performances like a spacecraft on auto-pilot. True Morgenstern fans know that he is capable of better work and this is surely to rank as a disappointment.

Readers won’t learn much more than that the film simply exists by reading Morgenstern’s Ender’s Game. The content is weak and not suitable for the reader expecting to learn something valuable. Morgenstern attempts humor (“Bring In The Frowns”), which sadly might be the highlight of the review, and one might even chuckle for reasons other than the obvious.

Morgenstern’s Ender’s Game is a swift walk through a museum in which one acknowledges art, but is too busy to stop.    

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