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The Careful Launch of Bill Goodykoontz Keeps “5 Stars” Alive

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 580‑word review of Gravity on Arizona Republic

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Bill Goodykoontz starts from the ground and slowly moves up to the outer limits in “Gravity, 5 stars.”

5 Stars acknowledges director Alfonso Cuaron in the first sentence, and thus begins a practical approach by establishing context and moving forward with ease.

The tone and delivery of Goodykoontz is key to the success of 5 Stars, as the critic’s phrasing effectively demonstrates the complex setting that the characters find themselves in.  

5 Stars brilliantly refrains from attempting to be profound, and carefully details the film’s appeal and the effect it may have on the viewer. On the flip side, one may not feel adequately informed about the individual performances, and may find the review a bit too direct.

To the credit of the critic, there is a fine line between providing thought-provoking commentary and trying too hard for the audience, and this feat of balance is achieved  by Goodyknootz with grace. The pacing and flow of 5 Stars is superb, and offers a variety of knowledge for the reader to grasp on to.

There is a touch of personal curiosity from the critic at the end of 5 Stars, which is not only a satisfactory close to the tremendous review, but also stimulating to the mind.    

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