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David Frese’s “Hammers Out” Suffers From Reference Overload

In response to David Frese’s 1258‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Kansas City Star

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Tally all the pop culture references in David Frese’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’ hammers out its problems | 2 1/2 stars” and you’ve got yourself one heck of a list.  Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings… The Notebook? That is just a small sampling of all the references Frese makes in the course of his review, and most of those references contribute nothing to an understanding of Thor: The Dark World.

It seems like Frese was just out to prove that he has seen a lot of movies. If that’s the case, he failed in even that regard. Anyone can list a movie, and that’s really all he’s doing here. Any tie into the subject at hand is tangential at best. This seems more like a desperate attempt to fulfill a mandatory minimum word count.

The word count is long here, too. Like, over 1,200 words long. That’s fine if he had lots to say with those 1,200 words, but instead so much of the review reads like padding.

Another problem is the abrupt ending of the review. Frese had plenty of room to stick the landing, but much like the movie he’s reviewing, Frese isn’t quite done when he’s done. Instead he throws in some extra factoids about the mythology of Thor, mythology that is completely unnecessary for the purposes of review.

Hammers out is severely lacking in focus. It could easily lose half its content and still feel bloated. Save your time and energy and avoid this one.    

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