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Claudia Puig’s “Oh ‘Romeo’” Lacks in Presentation and Complexity

In response to Claudia Puig’s 538‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on USA Today

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The first thing a reader encounters in Claudia Puig’s “Oh ‘Romeo,’ the Bard himself would be bored by remake” is an over-sized video at the top of the page which auto-plays the trailer for Romeo and Juliet whether the reader wants it or not. This is just the first indication of the lack of subtlety in Puig’s review.

From there, Puig hammers on one aspect of the film (the chemistry between the actors playing the two titular lovers) over and over again, barely discussing any other aspect of the film. Yes, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet had better have some pretty convincing chemistry between the two star-crossed lovers, but there are other aspects of the film to consider, too, and Puig gives them pretty short shrift.

To be fair, Puig does mention the quality of the script as well, bemoaning that it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Sure, for a play that has been around since the 1590s, that may be a fair expectation. There’s no mention of the directing or cinematography, though, two aspects of the film that surely could have elevated the traditionalist script.

What dooms Oh ‘Romeo’ is that it simply doesn’t have much to offer beyond an in-your-face trailer video and a dislike of the actors playing those most famous of tragic lovers. A little bit of balance would have gone a long way.    

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