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Tony Medley’s “The Furnace” Is the Rare Hypnagogia Review

In response to Tony Medley’s 445‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Tolucan Times

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Hynagogia is when one is “half-asleep,” and Tony Medley appears to have accomplished the rare feat of writing a review while half-asleep on his couch. There are moments in “Out of the Furnace” when the critic seems to have fully woken up, but unfortunately the review suffers from lazy, hynagogic statements.

Medley is too lazy to produce any plot summary in The Furnace, and apparently just wants the reader to figure it all out and take his word. The critic says the film has “no premise, no moral, and no story except for revenge,” or in other words, the critic is going to give a half-assed effort.

No story? It’s completely ridiculous that Medley can’t even manage to put together a paragraph of summary for his audience.

In short and uninspired works such as The Furnace, the critic often resorts to a cinematic reference from the first half of the twentieth century, which is indeed helpful, but just another way to keep the “review” above water without actually having too work hard.

Medley offers a few comments on the performances in The Furnace, but who really cares when the critic is unable to addresses the characters. In fact, who are the characters? Medley doesn’t produces any character names in the whole piece.  

The Furnace is visually weak and even worse in content.    

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