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Henry Fitzherbert’s “Nebraska: Review” Inspires #SaveFilmCriticism

In response to Henry Fitzherbert’s 81‑word review of Nebraska on Daily Express

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Eighty-one words. Henry Fitzherbert is either the laziest film critic ever or just doesn’t give a flying F about his job anymore.

The latest “work” of Fitzherbert, “Nebraska: review and trailer,” is anti-criticism, anti-work, anti-audience…anti-everything. What is the point?

Fitzherbert immediately loses his film criticism card due to the horrific nature of Nebraska: Review. The lack of respect for the audience and the craft of film criticism is disturbing. One can only guess what other critics think when they see something this offensive. The quality of the work isn’t just weak…it’s criminal. Lock this one up and toss the key.

Of course Fitzherbert resorts to the “cranky old coot” cliche at the beginning of Nebraska: Review, but let’s be thankful that he chose not to use “cantankerous.” The critic manages to include the names of all the main players, and hilariously closes out with the statement “The result is droll and poignant, if a little overextended.” What does Fitzherbert know about overextension?

Nebraska: Review is surprisingly a visual treat. Fitzherbert offers an enormous header image of the cantankerous Woody, and also serves up a trailer for the audience to enjoy. The critic seems to be saying “I’m sorry about all of this…but here is some video. So. . we’re good?”

Henry Fitzherbert’s Nebraska: Review needs to addressed  in a meeting consisting of twenty-five to fifty critics. #savefilmcriticism   

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