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Jim Lane’s “Out of This World” Finds a Comfy Home in Plot Summary

In response to Jim Lane’s 685‑word review of Gravity on Sacramento News & Review

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Jim Lane devotes much of “Gravity—Out of this world” to plot description, but fails to connect with a higher state of review truth.

Th opening statement of This World attempts to hook the reader with some good old space humor, however the joke falls flat. Lane makes a general statement on the film,  but one that has been heard over and over. The event is less epic and more of a bore.

This World devotes four paragraphs to plot summary. In the first section Lane addresses the job of Bullock’s character and says,“… doing whatever it is she came up there for.” One will find little value in this weak offering, and hope the critic is not leading them into the dark, gaping hole of bad reviews.

This World continues on with the rest of plot summary, and there is little to get excited about. Lane doesn’t seem to understand his audience, and fails to inject any energy or legitimate humor into the boring paragraphs.  

By the time the never ending story of plot description is over, Lane offers a few decent thoughts on director Alfonso Cuaron, and briefly addresses the performance of Bullock. There is zero acknowledgement of Clooney’s effort, and the curious reader will certainly wonder why Lane refused to offer up any information.

This World searches to be brilliant, but ultimately fails to appreciate the reader’s needs.    

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