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Matt Prigge’s “Another Romp” Could Have Been Explosive but Is Cryptic

In response to Matt Prigge’s 478‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Metro

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Matt Prigge appears to be on to something big with “Out of the Furnace is more than another romp in the grimy Northeast,” but ultimately the work becomes quite vague and shows little depth.

One can understand Prigge’s hesitancy to offer too much plot in Another Romp, but at the same time the reader may shout “just get it done!” If the audience is going to read a review, they want to find a critic that is willing to critique and not back away.

What is even more troubling in Another Romp is that Prigge blatantly points out the screen time of Christian Bale. It’s not a huge problem, but the reveal will surely disappoint those who want a fresh viewing experience. The critic worries about spoilers, but then spoils, if only inadvertently.

Another Romp is a solid piece, and Prigge’s writing is a joy to read, however there is a startling lack of character analysis. It’s somewhat disappointing to read a statement like “Out of the Furnace isn’t really ‘about’ any one thing, or even about anything at all,” which is just one of many cryptic statements.

Who are the characters? What do they mean to the plot? Prigge offers nothing on the lead performances of Christian Bale and Casey Affleck in Another Romp, but manages to actually include the word “vaguely” by describing Willem Dafoe’s character.

Prigge has an excellent foundation in Another Romp, but the inability to expand is highly frustrating. A small paragraph on the techniques of director Scott Cooper shows a tremendous amount of insight, and it would be nice to see Prigge expand across the board in the future.

Another Romp is informative, but Prigge can take his work to the next level  with a 750-1000 piece that allows one to get a better sense of the characters.    

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