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Bob Bloom’s “Astronaut Thriller ‘Gravity’” Exudes Professional Expression

In response to Bob Bloom’s 411‑word review of Gravity on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom’s “Bloom: Astronaut thriller ‘Gravity’ will have you holding your breath” puts the reader right into the heart of the review from the very first sentence. Bloom expresses intelligence without pretension, art without obscurity, and wit without smarm.

While Bloom praises the merits of Gravity, he does so in an exceptionally judicious manner that is quite translatable and believable—and not at all like a sappy commercial.

Readers will genuinely feel Bloom’s experience of the movie right along with him. Such immersion makes for the rare movie review reading opportunity that allows readers to truly escape into impressive imagery, character development, and plot movement without fear of being pre-spoiled.

Holding your breath follows a logical progression, while never falling prey to that three-headed movie review beast also known as sensationalism. If readers had any doubt of Bloom’s sincerity at the beginning of the review, they will be thoroughly convinced by the time he mentions a personal quibble he had about the movie.  

Bloom gives a fine performance holding your breath. With equitable dashes of information and exhilaration, Bloom never loses content control or deviates from his stellar writing style. He has undoubtedly created a testament to the power and value of immediacy and authenticity.    

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