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Politics Prevail in David White’s Unfortunate Review of “Ender’s Game”

In response to Dave White’s 685‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Dave White’s “Ender’s Game Review” is an askance look at another artist rather than its own work; as such, it comes across as attack more than entertainment, reproach more than review—a frustratingly lopsided effort.

Ender’s Game Review is confused about the nature of adaptation, which has always had a tenuous relationship with authorship. As such, a full third of the work is spent attempting to introduce a character (really, a caricature) into his review that really doesn’t belong: the creator of the source material.

This approach begins in the first paragraph, and bookends the work. It fails on two levels. Primarily, it’s not especially relevant to the task at hand—to inform, entertain, persuade his audience—but it also draws attention away from the bits of the review audiences might otherwise have appreciated. Even so, the review part of this review doesn’t rescue White from his missteps.

As a result, important questions get asked but their answers fall flat. Plot details pique interest, but aren’t compelling. “Beautifully shot” sequences fail to register.

All told, David White’s socio-political commentary is commendable—but Ender’s Game Review is not a review.  It’s a piece that would fit nicely in the Op-Ed section of a periodical. Review lovers and entertainment seekers will avert their eyes.    

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