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Rick Bentley “Space Drama ‘Gravity’” Is a Love Letter to the Genre

In response to Rick Bentley’s 534‑word review of Gravity on Fresno Bee

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Rick Bentley’s “Space drama ‘Gravity’ reaches new filmmaking heights” is a love letter to the Sci-Fi genre. Bentley is obvious about where he stands, not only for Gravity but for other films that have preceded it like 2001: A Space Odyssey and the first Sci-Fi film created, A Trip to the Moon.  It is safe to say that from the start of this piece, it was affectionately addressed to the creators more as a fan than as a critic.

The review is short, making Bentley’s praise of the film feel that much more magnified. Using only a limited amount of words means having to make each one count, and all was counted toward praise.

The quality of writing with which this complimentary piece was written is commendable, however, the audience is left wanting for a balanced opinion.

The presentation is average. Ads encroach on the sides of the article, making reading sometimes of an annoyance with flashing items on its sides. The one picture that is included is well placed and yet weirdly shaped. In order to see the full picture the readers must scroll to the right. It’s a strange diversion.

If readers love Sci-Fi, a fellow fan has been found in this review.    

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