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Kimmel’s “Review: Kick-Ass 2” Starts Off Slow, Finishes Strong

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 542‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on New England Movies Weekly

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Daniel M. Kimmel’s “Review: Kick-Ass 2” turns in a disappointing review that relies heavily on plot spoilers and not much else.

Readers will be caught in the web that Kimmel has spun. Spoilers weigh down this review and major demerits are earned for this tacky move. The only thing that saves readers from meeting their demise by spoiler suffocation is the thoughtful breaks that Kimmel provides. If only he would focus more on his original theories instead of a walk through the plot, this review would have been far more enjoyable.

If readers can manage to stick with this review, they will encounter a revolutionary change of tone right around the halfway point. A breath of fresh air to the readers will be a welcome addition after the comatose lull-fest of the first half.

Kimmel brings the audience in with his use of the royal “We”. He makes sure to not use a condescending tone towards the readers, which keeps this review light.

Kimmel has the ability to construct meaningful sentences and complete thoughts. That much is clear. So why Kimmel chooses instead to bombard his readers with spoilers is a conundrum that refuses to be ignored, and remains unsolved.

This review takes its time finding its voice, but once it does—it proves to be worthy of readers’ time.    

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