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Jay Stone’s “Non-Stop Fun” Is a Joyride Well Worth Taking

In response to Jay Stone’s 770‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on

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Jay Stone’s “Movie Review: The Desolation of Smaug is non-stop fun (with video)” overflows with non-stop fun of its own. Filled with laughs, witty observations, and even a tongue-twister for good measure, the audience is guaranteed a good time.

Take, for example, when he refers to the Middle Earth character names as “a combination of Norse mythology and a fan boy convention.” Try reading that line and not laughing out loud. The piece is filled with this kind of humor, of which no more will be mentioned here. Better to let the audience have the pleasure of experiencing it itself.

Stone is having a good time here. Even when he gives the film a gentle jab for being “perhaps a bit too breathless for its own good,” it’s clear he’s doing so with affection. He likes this film and he wants the audience to know it.

It should be noted that the critic begins the piece by talking about the climax of the film. Spoiler-sticklers may have a problem with this, but Stone assumes that the audience reading this knows where the film is going, and, when you come right down it, he doesn’t give away more than many other critics have, or what many potential moviegoers don’t already know. And his opening paragraphs are beautifully written. So don’t let the opening sentence throw you.

Non-Stop Fun is a real joyride, and you would be smart to jump in and hang on. You won’t regret it.    

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