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Gary Wollcott’s “Close to Space” Dismisses Acting but Loves Visuals

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 405‑word review of Gravity on Tri-City Herald

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Gary Wolcott is too impressed with earth to offer the reader a bit more in “Gravity: It’s as close to space as you’ll ever get.”

Close To Space opens on a strong note. The opening statement of the critic endears himself to the reader by conveying the personal effect of the film on him. The paragraph won’t necessarily be examined by future scholars, but it’s a nice hook.

The brief plot summary of Close to Space transitions with ease into the Wolcott’s analysis, however the critic is known to offer questionable humor, which is prevalent throughout and comes across as lazy.

Close to Space may not remembered by the launch, but it will most certainly be remembered by the crash. Wolcott shows a complete lack of respect to the art form, and also the cast, by dismissing the individual performances of the leads.

The opinion may be polarizing, but to throw away the acting efforts altogether is almost unforgivable. The reader will surely be offended. Wolcott inexplicably makes the following statement in the next paragraph, “However, credit must also be given where credit is due.”

Close To Space starts strong, but the lackadaisical effort of the critic is offensive, and most readers will demand more.    

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